Hi, my name is Joshua Waters and welcome to SharpshooterJD.com! Here you will find information-rich articles and videos focusing primarily on primitive weapons and metalworking. Formats include tutorials, builds, informational posts, DIY projects, weapon tests, tips, tricks and more!

I have been using primitive weapons (recreationally) for about 8 years now, and have been making primitive weapons and doing blacksmithing and woodworking for almost 4 years now. I love innovating and creating functional things that work well and are simple in construction, with the materials, tools, and limitations that I have. I also believe strongly in the importance of hobbies and learning skills to grow one’s knowledge and to increase the joy of living. Through this site and my YouTube channel, I hope to teach you the processes I use to make my projects with the least investment and headache possible so that anyone with any amount of resources can follow along and share in the fun.

Please take a look around, check out my recent posts below and I hope you find something you like!