Homemade Spike Throwing Part 2

Homemade Spike Throwing

Rotational throwing with my homemade throwing spikes. In part two, I will be moving back and doing some one and a half rotation throwing and some double rotation throwing, with some combos and sequences added in. Enjoy!


This series of spike throwing videos were very fun to film. I am really excited about this new style of filming where I am planning less, and more just following my activities. These videos less scripted, less edited and are a lot more fun to make. I get to do something I enjoy doing, and I get to make a video out of it and share it with you guys at the same time. This is what this channel was always supposed to be about. I filmed stuff because I had so much information and passion to share that I was literally bursting at the seams. Over the past year, it has become a lot harder, and I have resorted to just planning topics to film, whether or not I was really interested in that topic at the moment. So I am hoping to get back to that initial joy and passion that started all of this, and I hope it will result in more frequent videos that are more natural and more enjoyable to watch.


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I am now selling these spikes! If you want to get into knife throwing, but don’t want to pay a premium price for a high-quality knife set, these might be just what you a looking for. Simple in design, and made from mild steel to keep the cost down, these aren’t as durable as a commercial knife set, but for the price, you won’t find anything that throws and sticks better! If you are interested, you can shoot me an email at josh@sharpshooterjd.com, or you can request a custom order through my ETSY SHOP, and I can hook you up with a set of these spikes!¬†

Prices as follows (these are somewhat flexible):
$28 for 3 spikes
$37 for 4 spikes
$55 for 6 spikes

Shipping will be between $10 – $12. And this price is the same if you order 3 or if you order 6!


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